# QA

# Can Zerker only be used for games?

No, Zerker is an easy-to-use canvas graphics animation library. With it you can easily create a lot of animations, such as app admission animation, like animation, scene switching, pop-up effects, text animation, etc.

# About sound

There is no way to provide sound in Zerker. You can use the excellent solutions in the community, for example.https://github.com/rxlabz/audioplayer (opens new window) or https://github.com/dooboolab/flutter_sound (opens new window)

await audioPlayer.play(kUrl);
await audioPlayer.stop();

# About physics and particles

There is already a dart version of box2d, although I have not used it. https://github.com/google/box2d.dart (opens new window) and https://github.com/tnantoka/flutter_box2d (opens new window)

# About source code style

Because I originally wanted to create a multi-language common framework, so I don’t use a lot of dart syntactic sugar in zerker.

I think one day maybe he can transplant to unity or other places very quickly.

Of course, I very much welcome you to join the development of zerker.

this.id = Util.uuid();
this.position = new Point(0.0, 0.0);
this.anchor = new Point(0.5, 0.5);
this.scale = new Point(1.0, 1.0);
this.skew = new Point(0.0, 0.0);
this.matrix = new Matrix();

# Next to do

It’s really a bit busy recently, of course I will try to continue optimizing zerker. If you are interested in zerker, you are welcome to join the development of flutterkit.

In addition, I also thought of another very interesting project. I want to name it c2f for now. It can convert css style to flutter style, I think there will be web developers like it. https://github.com/flutterkit/c2f (opens new window)