A flutter canvas graphics animation library.

Get started

Simple and lightweight

Using Zerker is very simple, it has very simple api and operation methods, anyone can quickly learn to use, and you will also like Zerker.

Various animation effects

Use Zerker to achieve a variety of animation effects, such as the like effect, admission animation, pop-up effect, etc.

Develop 2d games

Zerker is also very good at developing games, supporting spritesheets, atals and many other assets, making it easy to create a variety of small games.

# Introduction

Zerker is a flexible and lightweight flutter canvas graphic animation library.

With Zerker, you can create a lot of seemingly cumbersome animation effects, such as animated animations, pop-up animations, scene transitions, icon effects, and more.

At the same time, you can create a lot of simple games with Zerker. Zerker contains elements such as sprites, scrolling backgrounds, and atlases, making it easy to create game worlds with them.

# Getting Started

class MyZKApp extends ZKApp {
  ZKSprite _sprite;

  init() {

    _sprite = ZKSprite(key: "boy")
      ..animator.make("run", ["Run ({1-15}).png"])
      ..animator.play("run", 25, true);

  update(int time) {

  customDraw(Canvas canvas) {
    /// custom draw method

  void dispose() {

# License

Zerker is licensed under MIT license. View license. https://github.com/flutterkit/zerker/blob/master/LICENSE (opens new window)